Tips Make Thick Hair

Tips Make Thick Hair
Having black hair and sparkling is ideal for most women. By having black hair and shiny, we will be more confident when we get out of the house and look more appealing when viewed by others, most people say, the appearance of a woman is not only seen from the dress she was wearing, but also his hairstyle, Due to the style and haircut you have will also affect the appearance of your face, Looks good in front of crowds is a dream of all women, Therefore many women try to have a shiny black hair and beauty to support them, but sometimes many of them the wrong way, to get the lustrous black hair, which ended up damaging their beautiful hair.

Here I will share tips, how to make your hair look thicker and charming:

1. If your hair is the kind of fine and thin hair, then do not grow it more than the collar bone. The ideal length is shoulder-length or shorter, Also do not make a thin layer on the hair, as this would accentuate the texture is thin and smooth, Make the layer just on the bottom and a little on the side.

2. Use hair dressing products that contain ingredients to develop the hair shaft. and use in moderation, because if too much, it will weigh the hair and make it look limp. When shampooing use a shampoo and conditioner that makes hair swell.

3. Avoid using hair smoothing products that are, for example, hair gloss products which contain silicone because it will make the hair limp.

4. Use natural mask of olive oil and honey. material needed; olive oil and honey, each 1 tablespoon. how to make it: Mix the ingredients, use on hair that has been washed and cleaned, wait 30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. did treatment 2 weeks to get natural black hair.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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