Rice Mask

Rice Mask
Did you know that rice can be used for beauty treatments especially for keeping the skin? Besides can be used as a scrub to remove dead skin, which has been refined rice can be made masks to get brighter skin smooth and glowing, The way traditional care is already known long ago, only a small fraction of people practice it, However, as more growth in time, and many people believe will benefit, rice known as the Asia's staple food increasingly in demand, Not just a refined treatment alone, but many beauty care products also use a mixture of rice as one materials.
Benefits of rice for beauty, biside can brighten the skin, Rice also makes a great contribution to the regeneration of new cells and growth, giving the effect of moisture for the skin, helps increase the production of collagen which can improve skin elasticity, and lift dead skin cells.

To use rice as a face mask, simply provide as much as 3 tablespoons of rice and a little honey, How to make a mask of rice : The rice is washed and soaked overnight, Strain and discard the remaining water bath, Rice distillate is then crushed into powder to become rice powder, then rice has become a powder to dry.

How to use : The dried rice powder mixed with honey and stir until blended, then Clean your face first, After that apply a mask of this rice evenly on a clean face avoiding the area around the eyes, Let stand until the mask is completely dry, about 20 minutes, Then rinse with cold water,After using the mask of this rice, you can continue to use a facial moisturizer.

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