Get to know Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms
Normally, the body's cells naturally reproduced only when needed. But sometimes these cells can continue to multiply without control, forming a dense network also called a tumor, If the cells are normal cells to multiply, it is not dangerous. but if that is the cells multiply abnormally, that trigger cancer.

Breast cancer, for example. As the name implies, this cancer begins in the breast tissue and can spread to the breast even to other organs. The spread is also called metastasis. Not only occurs in women, breast cancer can affect men. Not yet known exactly what causes cancer, but some factors can increase a person's risk of developing cancer, for example:

1. Age.
In women, the risk of someone getting breast cancer increases as age began forty years old and from the age of sixty years in men.

2. Genetic.
The risk increases if a close relative who has had breast cancer.

3. Unhealthy diet and obesity.

4. Smoking and drinking alcohol frequently.

5. Lazy to exercise.

Here are the symptoms caused by breast cancer: - A lump on or around the breast after the menstrual period is complete - Changes in the shape and size of the breast - Clear or bloody discharge from the nipple - Breast skin becomes wrinkled or scaly - The skin becomes red or inflamed breast and nipple changes (such as peeling)

Lack of awareness of the dangers of breast cancer is often detected only after making the disease is quite severe. To prevent breast cancer, it is recommended to do a routine check yourself (self-exams). Touch the breast for possible lumps, or a check with mammograms when you are entering the age of forty, especially if your family has a history of breast cancer. Examination of the 3D Sonomamogram considered more accurate and safer because it does not use radiation.

Need tips on a more simple, so that the cancer does not 'close'? You should exercise regularly, at least for half an hour every day. Eating healthy foods is also very helpful, eg berries (strawberries and raspberries) is rich in antioxidants and green vegetables (spinach, broccoli and cabbage). Avoid processed foods and full fat.
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