Causes of Dark Circles on Eyes

Dark Circles on Eyes
Most of us blame the dark circles in the eyes from lack of sleep, fatigue or staring at a computer screen for hours. Yet according to experts, as reported by The Times of India, the dark circles can be related liver disease, anemia and dehydration.

Small blood vessels smooth producing enzymes. Then the breakdown of red blood cells are made ​​of thin skin around the eyes that look black and blue. Well, here are the facts about the dark circles according to the experts :

1. Aging
Smooth and thin skin under the eyes will become depleted with age. Blood vessels were more prominent and cause dark circles under the eyes.

2. Genetics
Genetics also plays a big role in the development and dominance of dark circles around the eyes.

3. lack of nutrients
Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by poor nutrition. Healthy and nutritious diet full of vitamins like A, C, K, E helps remove dark circles.

4. Lack of sleep and tiredness
Excessive Fatigue makes the skin pale. Blood vessels under the skin to appear more blue or darker.

5. Smoking and alcoholic beverages
Dark circles in the eyes can be a sign of loss of water from the body and too much intake of caffeinated beverages.

6. sunshine
Excessive sun exposure will also produce excess melanin. When melanin is being made on the epidermis, the skin appears brown and dermis layers appear bluish gray.

7. Hormonal changes
The phase changes during pregnancy and menstruation the skin causing a dark color under the eyes.

8. Allergy
Any condition that causes the eyes to itch can cause dark circles due to rubbing or mengaruk skin around the eyes.
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