Increase Sexual Arousal Prospective Bride With Strawberries

Bride and groom will perform a variety of ways to look perfect as the day they arrive important things in life. Strawberry fruit is one of the foods that must be consumed. Because this little fruit can increase sexual arousal.

Here are some foods that should be consumed as well as forbidden before marriage.You can appear more slender and pretty, in an important day in your life.

1. green vegetables.
Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Of spinach, broccoli, cabbage, all green vegetables contain cedar lutein (a yellow pigment) is high. Vegetables could help shed light on the skin and tighten. Green vegetables are low in calories and easy to digest.

2. Orange.
Orange is a fruit that can reduce the high insulin levels, high blood pressure, stress, also helps you lose weight.

3. Honey.
This is one of the most simple ingredients that can help you lose weight before the wedding. Add a few drops of honey in hot lemon juice. This is a low-fat sweetener that will not accumulate fat in your body.

4. Stroberi.
You want a glowing face before the wedding? Try strawberries. In addition to helping you lose weight, small red fruit is also an aphrodisiac food contains. So, your sex drive can be pushed before your wedding night.

5. Cayenne pepper.
Spicy food is in addition to burn fat also increases the body's metabolism. If you feel tired or sluggish, try red pepper. you are ready for the next session shopping purposes of marriage.

6. Eggs.
Eggs can lose weight. Eggs control your desire to eat because it makes full. Try eggs to suppress appetite, and to get the best results without the yolk consumption.

7. Lemon.
Famous lime can burn fat in the body. Add half a lime in a glass of hot water. You can also add a few drops of honey to add delicious.

8. Water.
This liquid is very important to remove toxins and cleanse the system in the body. Water can improve bowel movement and detoxification of the body.
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