Smoother Skin With Pupa

The white oval pupae is not any. it can make the skin soft, like silk. Curious? Silkworm cocoons that comes from the land of the white elephant is said to soften the skin nutritious. Effective, because it contains anti-bacterial and protein. Silkworm pupae are also friendly to the skin, as it has a pH similar to human skin.

Due to the many benefits, now you can try herbal blooded pupae. Method of treatment is scrubbing the silkworm pupae mixed with full-blooded, compress, and masks.


1. Clean face with cleansing milk.

2. Previously, pupae soaked in warm water for three minutes. After that, pupae is rubbed gently on the face and neck. Smooth skin instantly feels.

3. Continue with blooded face is a tradition of Chinese medicine. Touch on Acupuncture points, believed to improve blood circulation. So the face look brighter.

4. Bodies who have worked hard are not forgotten. All over body will be massaged and compressed with a concoction consisting of bangle, galangal, ginger,orange peel, grapefruit, and other traditional materials.

5. This herb is kept in a bundle of white cloth which had previously been heated. Pijatannya really uncomfortable and make breathing easier, so moving back, waist, etc.. For face, intentionally small bundle. It was, um, really calm.

6. Finally, the mask always aromatherapy to relax.
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