Rice Mask

Rice Mask
Did you know that rice can be used for beauty treatments especially for keeping the skin? Besides can be used as a scrub to remove dead skin, which has been refined rice can be made masks to get brighter skin smooth and glowing, The way traditional care is already known long ago, only a small fraction of people practice it, However, as more growth in time, and many people believe will benefit, rice known as the Asia's staple food increasingly in demand, Not just a refined treatment alone, but many beauty care products also use a mixture of rice as one materials.
Benefits of rice for beauty, biside can brighten the skin, Rice also makes a great contribution to the regeneration of new cells and growth, giving the effect of moisture for the skin, helps increase the production of collagen which can improve skin elasticity, and lift dead skin cells.

To use rice as a face mask, simply provide as much as 3 tablespoons of rice and a little honey, How to make a mask of rice : The rice is washed and soaked overnight, Strain and discard the remaining water bath, Rice distillate is then crushed into powder to become rice powder, then rice has become a powder to dry.

How to use : The dried rice powder mixed with honey and stir until blended, then Clean your face first, After that apply a mask of this rice evenly on a clean face avoiding the area around the eyes, Let stand until the mask is completely dry, about 20 minutes, Then rinse with cold water,After using the mask of this rice, you can continue to use a facial moisturizer.

Good luck and hopefully useful. 
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Exercise Benefits

Exercise Benefits
Sports are very much beneficial for our bodies for health and beauty, sports activities became a mandatory thing to do. Exercise is also often done to lose weight, Just as important, exercise is also beneficial for beauty, The positive impact of sports will be visible on your skin. Healthy and fresh skin will certainly add beauty.

Regular exercise increases the health of skin with blood flow to the skin. It helps provide nutrients to the skin. By exercising you will sweat. This makes the body of toxins released through the skin. Circulation and toxins are removed from the skin, making the skin look more healthy and shiny.
Exercise also may be one way of inhibiting wrinkles or sagging skin. With exercise, you will trigger the production of collagen, a protein that supports the formation and structure of the tight skin look healthier. The stronger the muscle you have, the skin will look more toned and more elastic, in addition, exercise can help remove toxins and free radicals from the body, Cigarette smoke, air pollution or chemicals in beauty products have a negative impact on our skin. Free radicals will also damage the skin that can cause wrinkles or spots. With exercise, toxins in our bodies can be removed.

Health and beauty skin is the desire of every woman. A variety of beauty products used to make the skin healthy, beautiful and smooth. Some women deal with the beauty of her skin to look younger by using makeup. In addition, a healthy diet also contributed to the beauty and skin health. There is also the use of traditional ways to the beauty and skin care, such as using a chocolate or strawberry. but even so do not forget to exercise.

Do not forget to exercise and wish you could always look pretty and charming. 
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Sitemap Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips
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Tips Make Thick Hair

Tips Make Thick Hair
Having black hair and sparkling is ideal for most women. By having black hair and shiny, we will be more confident when we get out of the house and look more appealing when viewed by others, most people say, the appearance of a woman is not only seen from the dress she was wearing, but also his hairstyle, Due to the style and haircut you have will also affect the appearance of your face, Looks good in front of crowds is a dream of all women, Therefore many women try to have a shiny black hair and beauty to support them, but sometimes many of them the wrong way, to get the lustrous black hair, which ended up damaging their beautiful hair.

Here I will share tips, how to make your hair look thicker and charming:

1. If your hair is the kind of fine and thin hair, then do not grow it more than the collar bone. The ideal length is shoulder-length or shorter, Also do not make a thin layer on the hair, as this would accentuate the texture is thin and smooth, Make the layer just on the bottom and a little on the side.

2. Use hair dressing products that contain ingredients to develop the hair shaft. and use in moderation, because if too much, it will weigh the hair and make it look limp. When shampooing use a shampoo and conditioner that makes hair swell.

3. Avoid using hair smoothing products that are, for example, hair gloss products which contain silicone because it will make the hair limp.

4. Use natural mask of olive oil and honey. material needed; olive oil and honey, each 1 tablespoon. how to make it: Mix the ingredients, use on hair that has been washed and cleaned, wait 30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. did treatment 2 weeks to get natural black hair.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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Chocolate Mask

Chocolate Mask
Chocolate is the food is much preferred. Although the sugar content found in chocolate can promote weight loss, tooth decay, or can lead to diabetes. However, the chocolate itself contains a lot of good things that are beneficial to the body, chocolate can improve beauty, because the content contained in chocolate has many benefits for the skin, among others, serves to maintain softness, moisturize, tighten and refine the skin. Chocolate can also slow down the aging of the skin, including the prevention of wrinkles on the face, in addition, chocolate contains antioxidants that can maintain heart health, lowers blood pressure.
How to make a chocolate mask:

1. Provide the necessary materials, for example: Dark chocolate (high cocoa content), white powder milk (full cream) and salt.

2. How to make it, melt chocolate, mix all the ingredients in chocolate that has been melted and stir, and let cool until it reaches room temperature, apply on face for 15-30 minutes.

Additional Info: Milk and salt can also be replaced with butter, sugar and honey if you want moist and antiseptic effect on the face, and for skin, you can make a chocolate bath soap. by the way: boiled white milk that has been mixed with chopped chocolate until chocolate melts, then mixed with liquid soap, or poured in a bathtub.

Good luck adn hopely usefull. 
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Benefits Of Cucumber

Benefits Of Cucumber
Cucumbers are vegetables that are easily found in the market. Benefits of cucumber very much especially for beauty and skin health. Cucumber benefits include healthy skin, accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, remove cells that have died, and as a skin cleanser, Cucumber is also beneficial to health. The content of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus in cucumber is very effective for lowering high blood pressure (hypertension). Cucumber is also beneficial for digestion, healthy joints, thrush medication, anti-insect, protein digestion, kills tapeworms, diabetes, toothache, kidney care and anti-cancer.
To moisturize the facial skin can be done by putting slices of cucumber on the skin of the face. Besides being able to soften the skin can also prevent wrinkles making skin appear more youthful. This is the function of cucumber as a natural skin freshener, Cucumber is very low in calories and rich in fiber. In addition, the cucumber contains malonic acid can alter blood sugar into fat, and it is useful for slimming, Ascorbic acid contained in the cucumber also beneficial decrease water retention, thereby reducing swelling of the eyes, and is useful for toning and moisturizing the skin.

Benefits of cucumber is popular for skin to get rid of acne on the skin. Acne is often a problem because it makes the face become stained and dull. You can use cucumber slices to paste on the pimples. Leave for a few minutes to get rid of acne. Cucumbers can indeed be proven to eliminate acne fairly quickly and naturally anyway, Cucumbers can also be made a natural mask or face mask. how to make the skin peel cucumbers, sliced ​​cucumber and blend. After that paste and smooth on the face, leave to dry. Another way is to attach and rub the slices of cucumber on the face,As well as being a natural mask that is safe to use and free of chemicals, cucumber is also useful to refresh, cleanse, tighten skin and reduce excess oil on the face. And the good news cucumber benefits can be felt by all skin types. To obtain maximum results, you need to do with a cucumber face mask regularly, at least once a week.

Good luck and hopefully useful
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Turmeric For Beauty

Turmeric For Beauty
Turmeric has many benefits, in addition to cooking spices, turmeric is also capable of being used for both traditional medicine health and beauty, Turmeric has long believed to have great benefits for human life, Turmeric is also synonymous with the beauty of the body, time immemorial, turmeric benefits earmarked for the beauty of the palace of the sons and daughters who have bright and smooth skin often using one of the traditional treatments made ​​from turmeric.

Turmeric is used by Indonesian people as a spice in cooking to give a yellow color to the dishes. But behind the charm of color, turmeric deals much more valuable because it contains properties, Indonesia's
population also was not too familiar with the use of turmeric as a medicine, Although turmeric has long been known as a mixture of herbs that is the ancestral heritage, but the use of turmeric is not as it is today. It is motivated by the public interest against natural remedies, Turmeric is one of the rich herbal properties, useful either for beauty or health, In addition, turmeric is also used to treat various types of diseases, Turmeric contains substances as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and prevention of cancer. As an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and prevention of cancer and is also efficacious to treat itching of the skin, cysts and even ovarian cancer,In addition, turmeric is also a kind of herbal medicine that serves as an immunostimulant for balance stamina.

How to make herbal beauty of turmeric are:

The necessary ingredients are 2 cups water, 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of apple cider and fresh lemon juice 1 fruit, after the material is complete, cooking water to a boil, then enter both turmeric and ginger powder, boil for 10 minutes. when cool, strain into a mug, add the apple syrup and lemon juice, stirring to combine flavors, drink the turmeric herbal while warm.

Good luck and l hope usefull. 
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Milk Mask

Milk Mask
Milk is not only a delicious drink but can also nourish our bodies, milk is also beneficial for skin beauty, Milk contains vitamins A and D which make your skin soft, Milk also contains beta hydroxy acid that makes it flaky dead skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells, The content of essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and copper in milk also has a cosmetic effect for you, which is to improve the health and strength of your skin cells, which ultimately makes your skin become more healthy and supple.

The content of protein, calcium, and iron in the milk that we consume every day will also slow down the aging process, and make the skin become white. Which is why, for hundreds and even thousands of years, milk has been known as a woman's beauty secrets, because the benefits to make your skin smooth, wrinkle-free and brighter, Milk also contains a substance called lactic acid, which has a role to naturally moisturize the skin, also helps exfoliate the dead skin on your body and stimulate skin renewal or growth of new skin cells are healthy, so the result is you will get beautiful and healthy skin.

How to make a mask of milk is :

1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon almond oil with 1 tablespoon of milk. Apply the mixture on the face with a massage, then let stand for a few minutes until the mask dries.

2. Apply evenly to the entire surface of the skin. Give extra attention to the local joints, elbows or skin folds are generally often overlooked.

3. Wait a moment and allow it to dry half. Rub gently, occasionally doing light massage with a circular motion. Make sure to rest scrubs and dirt on the skin was peeling.

4. Clean the entire body with warm water, and finish with a moisturizer spreads throughout the body.

Additional Information: Make sure your skin is not serious skin disorder At a minimum there is no wet or open wounds, and use milk powder in order to obtain maximum moisturizing benefits.

Good luck and hopefully useful. 
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Papaya Mask

Papaya Mask
For women hair is a crown that is priceless. Many people do not know that papaya fruit has many benefits for beauty and health of our hair, Glucoside of Cacirin and karpain content owned papaya seeds nutritious to blacken hair, so the hair looks beautiful and not dull.

Papaya is a plant originating from southern Mexico and northern parts of South America, the papaya fruit is high trunked plant, These plants like palms, green leaves and reddish yellow fruit, papaya tree height can reach 7 to 10 feet with strong roots, In papaya contains various essential nutrients that are useful for the body, one of the health benefits of papaya is to smooth the skin and it can blacken your hair.

How to make papaya mask to smooth the skin are:

1. The material is 1/2 cup of ripe papaya juice, 1/4 cup milk, and 1/4 cup wheat. Combine all ingredients and apply on face and neck. Let stand for 5 minutes and rinse with warm milk and water.

How to make papaya mask to darken the hair:

1. The way is to grab the papaya seeds, then roasted / fried papaya seeds until dry, after drying mashed papaya seeds and apply to your head simultaneously with a light massage, benefits of papaya seeds that can work optimally. Once in the garden, let stand until dry, then rinse with clean water. Your hair can be beautiful in a flash.

That's all I can share for you, hopefully useful and beneficial.
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Tips Green Tea

Tips Green Tea
Green tea is a type of tea that many benefits compared to other tea leaves. There are various types of tea in the world, and one of them is green tea that has a lot of benefits. called green tea is not as green, but because the content kholoropihil present in this type of tea leaves more than other kinds of tea leaves. Tea has great benefits for the body and the health of our skin. According to the experts to investigate the benefits of tea, natural caffeine content in tea can protect the skin damaged by the sun and prevent cancer.
Below are some of the benefits of tea for the body and skin health:

1. Tea can also be used to treat acne, because it acts as an astringent. The trick is to simply wash your face with water tea without rinsed again with water.

2. Tea can also be used to smooth the skin, the way is to use herbal tea, because tea in the content contained antioxidant function remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation so that the skin is not dull.

3. Tea can also protect teeth from plaque and helps prevent the growth of dental caries and tooth strengthening.

4. Tea can also prevent bad breath, because tea has a natural antibacterial that can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

5. Green tea can also be used to treat skin and hair beauty, vitamin E and C in green tea can provide its own benefits for hair and skin. For the hair can be used to cope with dandruff, dry hair, loss and fractures. while for the skin, green tea is beneficial to keep it moist and fresh.

Good luck and hopefully useful 
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Tomato Mask

Tomato Mask
Tomato is a natural substance that helps cleanse the pores of our skin. Tomatoes are also very rich in antioxidants which help the skin look young and fresh for a long time, Tomatoes can also be used to treat tired eyes, Tomatoes contain vitamin C is high enough even higher than other fruits so good for the skin, In addition, tomatoes also contain a variety of other nutritious substances which apparently is good for skin care. How to get the benefits of tomatoes for the skin can be obtained by consuming or using it as raw material for skin car
How to make a mask of fruit Tomatoes:

Prepare 1 medium ripe tomatoes, 250 ml milk, and water, add tomatoes chopped in a blender until smooth half, add a little water. Strain tomato juice using a strainer, Do not forget, separate the waste. Juice tomato juice mixed into the milk and stir until blended, Store in a container or a small bottle in the fridge. Spread ingredients evenly on the face and neck with the help of cotton. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash with water, This herb can be used once or twice a day, for one week.

Do not forget the tomatoes to be used as a beauty treatment ingredients to be really good. Choosing tomato fruit that is not too young and not very mature. Due to the overly ripe tomatoes too much water content.

warning : Do not use for Sensitive Skin and Acne, Although relatively safe, but not everyone should wear masks tomatoes, Those with sensitive skin and acne are not recommended.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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Bengkoang Mask

Bengkoang Mask
Bengkoang is a tuber which is white with a shape like a top. bengkoang or known by the Latin name Pachyrizus erosus a plant originating from tropical America and belongs to the tribe Fabaceae or legumes, Besides commonly used as an ingredient snacks like pickles and sauerkraut, or eaten directly, Bengkoang has many benefits. Bengkoang tubers contain sugar, starch, phosphorus, and calcium. Yam tubers also have a cooling effect as it has a high water content that is 86-90%. This bulb is great for diabetics because the sweetness caused can not be digested by the human body. This is because the sweetness comes from the oligosaccharides, so-called inulin.
Bengkoang can also be used to remove the black spots on the face, To remove black spots and cleaning, and brighten the face, we can use yam to make it as a mask. To make a phase-mask bengkoang follow the following steps:

1. Take Bengkoang, and grated, Results grater rubbed in the face and Wait 10-15 minutes until slightly dry, and wash your face as usual.

Bengkoang benefits in addition to health as well as your facial beauty. Bengkoang is known to cleanse and whiten the skin including removing black spots on the face. The fruit is very good for the skin because it contains a lot of useful content that pachyrhizon, rotenon, vitamin B1 and C.

So what you waiting for, try the tips above, you will be guaranteed face look naturally white.
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Honey Mask

Honey Mask
Honey Mask is an excellent solution for acne scars and blemishes left by acne face, because honey contains antiseptic and antioxidant, besides good for health, honey mask is also good for skin beauty, Honey also contains nutrients that can make the skin more soft and reduce excess oil, Besides honey is a natural substance with no side effects. Masks Honey is very good for relaxation facial, both for men and women and can be used for all skin types.
How to make a mask with honey:

1. Mix 1 tablespoon honey with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Add 1 egg yolk and stir until smooth. Apply the mask on your face and leave for 20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water and a cover rinse with cold water.

2. Combine a cup of honey, ¼ teaspoon olive oil, 1 cup of raw avocado and ½ cup oatmeal together. Apply on face and neck. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse afterwards.

3. Combine 1 tablespoon honey, 1 egg yolk, ½ teaspoon almond oil and 1 tablespoon yogurt together. Apply the mixture on your face and wash after dry completely.

4. Soak 5 rose petals in water and then crush / puree. Toss with 2 tablespoons of rose water and each 1 tablespoon yogurt and honey. Apply on your face, let it dry and then rinse with water. This mask is good for oily and dry skin.

5. Mix one tablespoon of honey with 2 tablespoon powdered almonds and ½ teaspoon lemon juice. Apply on your face and gently rub with your fingers. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.

Good luck and I hope useful
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Egg White Mask

Egg White Mask
Some people may not know the properties of egg white. Please note that egg whites have good benefits to smooth the skin and solve the problems on dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, Benefits of the egg white mask to remove the black spots on the face, brightens your face, your face will feel more refreshed toned and smooth, moisturize and smooth the skin, large pores, dry skin and oily overcome, and can cope with black spots acne scars, In addition to health, the egg is also beneficial for beauty.

In order to obtain maximum results, do an egg mask facial treatments on a regular basis once a week for dry skin, and twice a week for oily skin, do the following:

1. Break 1 egg white and then separate the yolk. 
2. Separating egg white was whipped in with a spoon until frothy 
3. Keep the egg white foam was thick as we shake dense foam

How to use:

1. Clean your face well in the wash and use a cleanser 
2. Apply egg whites until blended into the area earlier not in the eyes ya face 
3. Leave the mask on your face until it is absolutely pervasive in the face, dry or difficult to move your face. 4. Rinse and wash your face using warm water and a towel. 
5. If your pores to expand because of the warm water, you can use ice cubes to tighten his back. 

Hopefully useful and good luck
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Tips Prevent Aging

Tips Prevent Aging
If you are a woman who is very concerned about the appearance, you will definitely feel a little worried about premature aging. Because as we age, the signs of aging appear slowly on a face that is hard to avoid. This should not make you lose heart, because with proper care, the signs of aging can be deducted from your face, Premature aging is the process of skin aging faster than it should. Many people are beginning to see wrinkles on the facial skin a relatively young age, even at the early age of 20. This is usually caused by various factors both internal and external.

Internal factors are usually caused by a disturbance of the body. For example, a prolonged illness, and lack of nutrition. While external factors can occur due to sunlight, pollution, cigarette smoke, unhealthy foods and so forth.

Signs of aging and the solution that you can do to reduce them :

1. Wrinkles on skin. 
Treatments that can be done is to use an anti wrinkle cream that has been tested and is safe to use. A good anti wrinkle product should have functions to moisturize the skin, contains antioxidants and can stimulate the body to produce collagen which is very useful for the skin.

2. Sagging skin 
The solution to this problem is to multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E. You can also use skin care products that are able to lift and tighten the skin. In addition, the development of time enable you to inject vitamins A, C or E.

3. Aging spots. 
The solution to this problem is to use a skin lightening product and multiply the consumption of vitamin A and C are beneficial for the skin.

4. Wrinkles around the eyebrows 
The solution to this problem is to do facial exercises, massage the wrinkled face and use a moisturizer every day.

5. Rry lips 
The solution to this problem is to use a lip moisturizer or lip mask for occasional use. Put honey on the lips before bed can be a safe, natural solution to moisturize the lips.

Another natural way to slow down the aging process is to exercise,good luck and hopefully useful. 
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Tips Natural Diet

Tips Natural Diet
You have problems with your weight? If so, then there is actually a very effective way to solve the problem of obesity, One way is to go on a diet. Maybe a lot of people suffering from the diet sometimes, because a lot of the diet by not eating or drastically reduce food portions, by not eating or reducing portions that do not fit the rules is not a good diet for health, Because you are doing it this way, it means you do not provide proper nutrition for your body. This will cause the body to the nutritional needs and nutritional deficiencies, then you will feel weak and can even experience fainting.

Proper diet you can do is to choose foods that are going to eat, in addition to it we will also reduce the size of the meal in some degree, but not without rules.
How proper diet are:

1. Try doing eating only 2 times a day, probably when you'll start to feel hungry often, especially if you have different eating habits. For that you need to anticipate the delay schedule your breakfast at around 10:00 to 11:00 and for lunch also delayed schedule at about 16:00 to 17:00, and when you feel hungry at night you can replace it with the vegetable and fruits, and do not forget to increase drinking water.

2. Make it a habit that you do not eat too full as possible and chew food properly so that the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body, thus the amount of food you eat will be reduced because of the chewing you will feel full faster than ever before.

3. Try to keep regular bowel movements every day. If there are problems with bowel trouble you can find ways to make the process of your bowel movements smooth as the increase drinking water or eating a lot of fruits like papaya and mango fiber.

4. Perform minor burning calories with regular exercise such as jogging, gymnastics, swimming and cycling.

5. Avoid eating and snacking at night, because of the calories you eat at night will accumulate in the body in the absence of calorie burning activity.

Do it regularly and consistently, Good luck and hopefully useful.
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Tips Overcome Oily Skin

Tips Overcome Oily Skin
Oily skin is characterized by the appearance of shiny and dull. If such circumstances last for many years in the pores of your skin can be covered by excess oils and can cause acne problems, Treatment options that can be used is to reduce the excessive discharge of oil with chemicals or harsh soaps. However, if it lasts in excess and too much oil will be reduced at some point it will make the skin dry.

As for how to deal with oily skin and treat it the right way is a difficult process, which requires a balance between reducing the discharge of oil without causing new problems, by making the skin dry. Actually, understanding the causes of oily skin is that it can find the right solutions to address them, some causes of oily skin on the face is :

1. Eating too many sugary foods and high fat can lead to much fat in the body so that the oil content in the body also increases.

2. Hormonal imbalance at puberty, too much production of sebum (oil under the skin) as a result of erratic hormone levels will trigger oily skin. Another factor that often happens is that the error in the use of cosmetics. Choose cosmetics that are not appropriate can lead to increased oil levels. Hormones also tend to be balanced for the duration of pregnancy in which the oily skin often become a problem for the women before delivery. birth control pills also can be a problem exacerbated this situation. Another factor that is known as the different causes of oily skin is a cosmetic problem and humidity or very hot air.

The fix is:

1. Avoid soaps that contain alcohol. So choose a soap made from natural ingredients such as sulfur soap or other soaps are made ​​from basic ingredients of olive oil, almond and avocado.

2. Avoid excessive washing your face, It could cause loss of sebum, the skin effect turned into a dry, scaly, and cause itching. So once a day just washing your face with a natural-based soap.

3. Note any that you want to use a moisturizer, moisturizer, although for most people it is so important. Adjust your moisturizer to the skin by giving special attention to the type of material contained in these moisturizers. Avoid moisturizers made ​​from chemicals or synthetics that can trigger an allergic reaction, dehydration, and acne. If the balance does not correspond in fact will cause excessive discharge of oil.

So that tips I can share to cope with oily skin, may be useful and beneficial to you. 
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Avocado Mask

Avocado Mask
A face mask is the best way to clean your pores, helping to eliminate acne, softens dry skin, or just relaxing facial skin, and is the best natural ingredients for skin care, You can make your own natural face mask made ​​from avocado. because the avocado mask is perfect for dry skin due to sun exposure, Avocado is derived from the Aztec language ahuacatl. This fruit is originated from the area where the Aztec tribes, namely in the areas of Central America and Mexico.
At first the fruit was introduced by Martin Fernandez de Enrico, one of the leaders of the Spanish troops to the people of Europe, Since then avocado began to spread .

Avocados have a high nutrient content. Avocados contain at least 11 vitamins and 14 minerals that are beneficial. Avocados are rich in protein, vitamin E, vitamin A, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), potassium (potassium), and vitamins are useful for smoothing the skin. A mixture of vitamin E and vitamin A in efficacious skin care, because the combination of both makes the skin supple, removes wrinkles, makes skin look young and fresh, In addition, avocados also contain oleic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that can capture free radicals caused by pollution in the face. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals that will prevent the occurrence of disease and delay the aging process on face. After using the mask of avocado, dry skin will look fresh and bright, In addition to moisturize dry skin, can also brighten the skin. If you want to look pretty easy and safe way, it never hurts to try avocado mask.

How to make avocado mask is:

1. Mash avocado until smooth in a small bowl.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey to the mashed avocados that have been earlier.

3. Add yogurt, stirring until blended.

4. Peel cucumbers and slice two thin pieces to be closing in around your eyes. With the content of the soft natural astringent, cucumber is the perfect addition to avocado face mask.

5. Wash your face gently with warm water and pat dry. Apply the avocado mask to the face and neck, then place cucumber slices over your eyes, Let the mask attached to the face and neck for at least 15 minutes. After more than 15 minutes rinse your face and neck with warm water until all the masks lifted. Dry with a clean towel and dry.

Good luck and hopefully useful 
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Lemon Mask

Tips lemon
Lemon is a fruit that taste sour and has many benefits for your health because it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. usefulness of which can be used as traditional medicine of various diseases including hemorrhoids, tonsillitis,Kidney Stones, diphtheria, fever or flu, acne, or dandruff Prevent Hair Loss, Sore throat, phlegm, stiff, high blood pressure. Besides it can also be used for slimming the body, eliminating body odor and increase stamina.
In addition to the very many benefits for health turns lime or lemon juice can be used for the beauty that is Shrink and tighten pores as well as Smooth and brighten skin,and also can remove the black stain on the face and eliminating acne is stubborn.

The trick is slice the meat and rub lemon juice on the skin, but if applied to the skin without any mixture of other ingredients can cause irritation due to the nature of the acid. The solution is to mix lemon juice with honey, benefits of honey, in addition to moisturize the skin also has anti-bacterial substance that can help damaged skin in order to quickly recover, Can also be made as natural mask to treat acne and prevent premature aging.

How to make lemon masks are as follows:

1. prepare 1 teaspoon of honey to add some lemon juice or lime juice is approximately 1:1 and a little olive oil.

2. Clean the face first and then apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and olive oil and let stand until about 20 minutes. Try not to move your facial muscles.

3. when the mask dries before the 20-minute back rub remaining mixture to the face.

4. after 20 minutes wash the face with a washcloth in warm water or use the special cleansing Response from the bottom up and rinse thoroughly clean.

5. do not forget to end with a facial wash using cold water to close pores.

Do it once a week so the results can be maximized, good luck and hopefully useful. 
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Mask Strawberries

Mask Strawberries
Every woman would crave skin is beautiful, clean and attractive, but sometimes a lot of women are busy, so forget the cleanliness of the skin that cause facial skin dull and less attractive to the point of view, is actually to treat facial you can do yourself at home with a natural mask made from various fruits, here I will share tips to smooth your facial skin by using a mask of fruit stobery. Natural mask of strawberries that are bright red, a lot of salisiat acid, a type of beta hydroxy acid that can make the skin become firmer, Besides other substances are silica, vitamin B,
vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. Strobery fruit is capable of rejuvenating facial skin as well as nourish the skin, usually mask of strawberries suitable for all skin types of women and men. 

How to make face masks from strawberries is: 
1. Separate the stalks and leaves of strawberry fruit 
2. Mash a few strawberries 
3. Whisk together the following ingredients separately, namely; a little egg white,1 tablespoon rose water, a few drops of essential oils are safe for the skin 
4. Combine strawberries that had been destroyed earlier by the above additional ingredients. 

all the material that was already mixed, apply on face,Let stand for about 20 minutes, Clean with warm water or rose water. Use cotton as a relief.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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Beauty Without Surgery

Beauty Without Surgery
Many ways to stay young and beautiful. In addition to the injections and plastic surgery is expensive, can also be a cheaper and simpler way. With makeup or hair and beauty treatments are right then everything can be overcome, It is the nature of women pay attention to the detail of the face and body. Wrinkles on the face, thick eye bags and laugh lines that too often make women dizzy in the head. Now you no longer need to fear, Beauty tips have some tips to overcome all these problems without surgery.

1. Avoid the rate cut bangs, but choose a longer bangs to frame the face. To prevent dull hair, apply olive oil once a week.

2. Apply blusher correctly, how to brush blush to the cheekbones. Application of blusher in this way can create the illusion of a higher and firmer cheeks.

3. Unplug the eyebrow hairs that grow irregularly. Do not pull up too thin because it will create the impression older. Neatly arched eyebrows will make the face seem younger.

4. Avoid the sun, because after 30 years of age, collagen and elastic fibers become damaged and sagging skin. So always wear a hat and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Due to ultra violet rays can cause premature aging.

It's all Beauty Tips, I can share to you all, may be useful and good luck.
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Tips Wear Foundation Hold Longer

Tips Wear Foundation To Hold Longer
Foundation or the foundation is the basis of all the makeup. In addition to smooth facial skin tones, foundation makeup also makes for longer lasting stick in the face, The use of makeup foundation as a base has been known for a long time. However, unfortunately there are still a wrong use of cosmetics on this one. Indeed, it is necessary foresight and patience when choosing the right foundation in order not to make the face look striped. Not to mention, about the application, Makeup should be applied in a proper way to survive throughout the day. Each beauty item that you are using a trick of his own to make it more durable in the skin.

 Way for Foundation Hold Longer : 

1. Using a foundation in solid form may be an option because it is more durable than liquid foundation. After affixed on the face, absorb with paper rose oil until the oil layer. Pressed enough to emphasize the face and do not rub-rub to his foundation did not go missing. Afterwards, a quick dab powder and blend.

2. Use Eyeshadow to keep your eye makeup is not easily fade, before applied on the eyelid first try using a foundation on the eyelids. Choose a foundation that does not contain oil.

3. Use eyeliner on the eyelid line, and use a transparent powder. How a small brush dipped in the powder and eyeliner brush along the lines that have been affixed in the eyelid.

4. Use mascara on the lashes, use a powder on top. In addition to keeping the mascara does not easily fade in this way also makes eyelashes thicker. Choose a waterproof formula that are not easily washed out by tropical heat and humidity. And as tips to avoid using mascara on the lower lid lashes, because it will wear off instantly melt on the cheek. Select the formula waterproof that are not easily washed out by tropical heat and humidity. Well, if you want to select the most practical or colorless clear mascara so if the bleeding does not leave scars.

5. use blush on the two different textures. First use the first blush on the texture of the cream, followed by blush on in solid form. Blush on solid absorbs oil from the cream blush on, and when the blush on a solid start to fade there are layers beneath it, the blush on cream. Although using two blush on the different textures, make sure they are the same color.

6. Use a lipstick in pencil form. Garisi whole shape of the lips and dab on the lips. Thereafter use the lipstick in the same color on the lips with lip liner. Absorb with paper towels, then place a lipstick again. Afterward, try to scroll the ice cubes in a newly painted lips lipstick.

If you want to always appear perfect in public, try the tips above and feel the difference, may be useful and good luck. 
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Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Benefits Of Aloe Vera
Form of aloe vera plants may indeed be simple and not interesting. But make no mistake, the aloe vera did have a lot of benefits, both for beauty and health. There are over 200 species of aloe vera plants, but only five species that have health benefits or be used for beauty products, namely the Aloe Barbadensis Miller, Aloe Perryi Baker, Aloe ferox, Aloe and Aloe saponaria Arborescens, The older the plant aloe vera benefits for nutrition and medication. Aloe vera gel is often used to treat scratches, cuts, and insect bites.

Aloe vera has antibacterial and astringent properties (neutralize fat) so it is good to prevent and treat acne. In addition, aloe vera also contains vitamins A and E that nourish the skin, To prevent acne, treat your face with a mask of aloe vera gel on a regular basis so that excess oil on your skin disappear. Your skin will feel fresh and healthy. If the acne has appeared in front of you, aloe vera gel paste on the acne site every morning and evening. At first, your acne may look worse, but if continued therapy on a regular basis then the acne will disappear gradually. Astringent properties of aloe vera to lose fat (blackheads), which accumulates and prevents inflammation, while its antibacterial properties suppress the proliferation of acne bacteria. Aloe vera can also be used to refresh the skin and reduce the reddish hue after microdermabrasion treatment.

If you want a natural way with aloe vera skin care for oily skin or skin cope with stained, mix aloe juice with water plus the cost of essential oil and use it regularly every day.

It's all I can share for today, may be useful and good luck. 
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Reduce Wrinkles in the Eye

Reduce Wrinkles in the Eye
Eyes are the most vulnerable area to show symptoms of aging. This happens because the skin in the eye area is very thin and delicate. Exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, and stress can make your skin quickly loosened, consequently you look older, The process of aging around the eye occurs in two parts, the eyelid and under eye area. In the area of ​​the eyelids, causing sagging skin and visible skin fold thickness at the bottom corner of the eyelid area. While in the area under the eyes, eye bags to look bigger, darker colors, and embossing fine lines.
This all happens because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin because the content of elastin and collagen that contribute less lather than facial skin. As a result, the lines appear or wrinkles around the eyes is also referred to as a sign of premature aging. 

Way to treat eye wrinkles are : 

1. Always use eye make up remover to remove impurities from the rest of the make-up around the eyes. 

2. Never forget to always use an eye cream before wearing makeup in the morning and at night before bed. Do a gentle massage around the eyes. Eye cream containing vitamin A, vitamin E, and a very good glukolat acid to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, but also able to cool and soften the skin around the eyes. 

3. Use an eye mask to moisturize the skin around the eyes. In addition, the mask also protects the eyes from the sun and reduce swelling. In the eyes of the mask there is an active substance that is able to renew damaged cells around the eyes so that the shrinking process can be slowed. 

May be useful and good luck 
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Prevent dry lips and chapped

Prevent dry lips and chapped
Lips is one part of the face. Healthy lips attractive and will support the beauty of the face. Lip health should always be maintained. Problems that commonly occur in dry mouth and lips are chapped. This certainly can damage the beauty of the face. The lips are cracked easily hurt and pain raises. If this condition is not treated, can cause infections of the lips, For women, chapped lips to make lipstick that does not stick well worn so that it can interfere with performance. Therefore, what are the causes of dry lips and chapped? So how to prevent dry lips and chapped?. 

To be able to overcome the problem of dry lips and chapped, we need to know what are the causes of dry lips and chapped. The causes include the following:

1. Air pollution and dust 
2. Temperature changes that can make your lips can not adapt, causing a split lip 
3. Foods that are too acidic or salty 
4. Smoking, drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages 
5. Lack of fruit or vegetable consumption 
6. Lack of drinking water 
7. Using the chemical cosmetics because it is too hard or are allergic to certain cosmetics 
8. Toothpaste that contains a lot of detergent 
9. Habit of licking her lips with saliva

After knowing the cause of dry lips and broken, we should take precautions so that we do not feel a split lip that can make us less confident. Some ways to prevent dry and cracked lips are as follows:

1. Use a lip balm with sunscreen and moisturizer 
2. Choose the appropriate lipstick and moisturizer 
3. Wet your lips feel dry when the water 
4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day 
5. Clean the rest of lipstick before going to bed 
6. Consumption of vegetables and fruits 
7. Stay away from the lifestyle of smoking or drinking alcohol 
8. Massage lips with olive oil

By knowing the cause of the problem of dry lips and chapped, and how to prevent it, you'll certainly pay more attention to a tiny organ in your face this. Fascinating and beautiful face will be yours.

So from now on make it a habit to learn to live healthy so you avoid any problems regarding health, because better to prevent than to cure. 
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Beautiful While Pregnant

Beautiful While Pregnant
Any woman would want to always look beautiful. The instinct for beautiful women must be linked to efforts to attract the opposite sex. In fact, besides the beautiful woman is also a requirement that is inner. If there are interested because of the beauty of the opposite sex you have, it is considered a bonus. Beauty is not only synonymous with smooth skin, the body is proportional or flowing dark hair. Beauty can be emitted from any woman who is in himself. Hygiene, personality and positive aura is the self-forming element of beauty in women.

Women who are pregnant it will emit its own beauty. Beauty is a positive aura that emanated from naturally conceived by women who are pregnant. The parents used to believe that the fetus is contained in rahimlah that make naturally beautiful woman, Pregnancy is the only human greatness God gave to women. A married woman, would want to get pregnant. Efforts to contain anything done, from the simple to the way medical. However, when you're pregnant, it is not uncommon that a woman forget her beauty. Attention is only focused on the growing belly, and let his body is not well maintained.

Natural beauty of the woman who is pregnant it will be even more beautiful if you do not forget to take care of beauty during pregnancy. The trick is simple, not too much different from a beauty treatment before you conceive. Only, you have to pay more attention to the content in a variety of cosmetics, Among other things that can be done when a pregnant woman is gymnastics, Prenatal exercise recommended during pregnancy because it proved a lot of benefits. In addition to circulation and oxygen supply, prenatal exercise is also beneficial toning and shaping parts of the body like hands and feet. Not only that prenatal exercise is also able to facilitate childbirth.

Increase of skin elasticity of the body, do this by taking vitamins and minerals that can make your skin elastic. Or, in a natural way, you can increase the consumption of vegetables, fruit and drink water.

Keep the skin to stay moist, apply a lotion to the skin trick. Or you can use a special anti cream for pregnant women. These creams are usually more humid than usual cream. The use of creams can be started early, since the content is still small and has not happened stretch.

Postpartum care, After giving birth, you can keep using the cream or use olive oil or sandalwood oil which can also moisturize and reduce scars. Only, if it had arisen, it is usually rather difficult to disappear altogether.

I think that's it Beauty Tips Stay Beautiful While Pregnant I can share to you for today, may be useful and good luck. 
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Tips Make Skin Smooth

Tips Make Skin Smooth
Make The Skin Smooth, Who is the woman who does not want to have smooth and beautiful skin? Smooth and beautiful skin is the main capital for the appearance of a woman, Well dressed indeed is the desire of many people or perhaps because of the demands of work that requires good looking, Here I will give you some tips that you can possibly use in skin care, whether it's facial skin, leather legs, leather arms, or other parts of the body skin,Usually people do not want to be bothered in treating skin that give skin care at beauty salons and the cost is not a few others, Though skin care that is often offered by the Center for Beauty Treatments you can basically do yourself at home using natural ingredients that are often encountered in your everyday life.

1. Honey 
Honey is the star in the health and beauty problems. Many people and researchers who say that taking honey regularly will make your skin youthful. This is evident in the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth, who live a long and youthful. Now for how you can eat them every day or with scrubs using honey as a familiar tradition in Chinese women skin smeared with honey and orange seeds are finely ground.

2. Bengkoang 
The white color of meat bengkoang was widely used in cosmetic products. In addition, many people believe that by eating this fruit can also make the skin youthful. For how to use you can eat them every day or you can use it to mask the fruit mash bengkoang way, a way in blender and use the results for the mask.

3. Lemon 
You must be familiar with the way this one. Well it is by using a rake of fruit juice can show results. And many cosmetic products that combine these basic ingredients of the fruit. How to use it was fairly easy to cut the oranges into sections and then use these pieces to rub on the skin.

4. Olive oil 
Famous for its olive benefits that can be used as a medicine and for beauty. Quite easy, rub olive oil on your skin before bed and use it regularly.

5. Aloe vera 
The content of the aloe vera can be used to smooth the skin. The trick with the gel found in aloe vera as a night cream. Use at bedtime to rub it on your face and let stand until morning and then rinse using clean water.

I think that's it Beauty tips I can share to you for today, may be useful and good luck.
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Beauty Without Make-up

Beauty Without Make-up
Beauty is every woman's dream, but sometimes many women who have never been grateful for the blessings given by God, Many women who try a wide range of cosmetics to add to her beauty, but you do not have to pay dearly to change yourself to be beautiful.

Here I will share tips so that you can look pretty and charming without the Make-up.

1. First and most important step to keep it beautiful without make-up is quality sleep. Therefore, sleep eight hours a day can reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.
2. Drink Water on a regular basis, this one may sound trivial and often overlooked, And if you are not drinking, or consuming alcohol and caffeine mostly, the skin will get dehydrated, therefore to keep the skin in order to awake the freshness, drink enough water, about 8 glasses per day.

3. Besides getting enough sleep and drink water, cold compresses to the eye with water is also effective to reduce dark circles and puffiness. In order to look fresh all day, try spraying cold water on the face in the morning or whenever you want.

4. You do not need to form / shave your eyebrows like a celebrity because eyebrows are left to grow naturally will showcase the natural beauty, trim it with an eyebrow comb to avoid clutter. For eyelashes, you can use an eyelash curler eyelashes look safe for the eyes look more slender and firm, Allow your eyebrows natural permanent.

5. Rub sunscreen, even though you will not be painted face makeup. The sun is very dangerous because it can make the skin wrinkles and look older. You can also wear sunglasses when you're outside the room to prevent the 'evil' of sunlight on the skin.

6. Without lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss, you can have beautiful lips as long as you are keeping it soft and moist. Lips are soft, and moist, you can have a regular smear honey. In addition you can also apply honey extra-virgin olive oil on the lips (olive oil is rich in vitamin E).

7. Diligent care for the skin by peeling once a week, and always wear facial cleanser before applying moisturizer. Also, do not be lazy to clean your face before bed and remove blackheads and large pores on face.

Most people say: Beauty is always identical to the make up is expensive, and lavish lifestyle. Yet her true beauty is not so,Which is actually pretty originated from a pure heart, if your heart is clean then your mind will be clear, a clear mind will also bring positive impact to your life. Believe me, bad as any man, if he would smile more inner beauty will shine from within.

I think it's so that I can share tips for today, may be useful and good luck. 
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Caring For Nails

Caring For Nails
Wise people say that healthy and manicured nails are a reflection of one's personality in maintaining her health and hygiene. Actually, feet and hand care is not difficult, just have to be done routinely, Not only the hair and skin is in need of care, but it is also necessary to nail care to support your appearance in order to always look beautiful and charming, Especially for women. 

Here are some tips and toes nail care that you can practice at home :

1. Be sure to wash your hands and feet nails regularly.

2. Cut nails in accordance with a cool shape like an oval, tapered, and rectangular. while the short term should be adjusted to your taste and comfort in carrying out daily activities.

3. Once the nail is formed in accordance with the desired, trim them with nail file to smooth not sharp, Do it with the direction of movement in order to get maximum results.

4. Provide nutrition on a regular basis on your nails, at least 2 times a week, in order to accelerate the growth of the nail itself. In addition the nail becomes brittle is not easy. Good nutrition for nails are Vitamin B and E, if it can drink plus eating fruits, vegetables and yogurt will make your nails stronger.

5. Please remove them and a thick layer of dead skin on your nails. Start from the bottom toward the heel of your foot and the base of the toes, on both sides continued erosion of the foot.

6. If you have dry nails type, you can use a moisturizing nail cream, moisturizing quality search and content first know that there is in it, not to use a moisturizer that is the chemical, because it can damage the nail.

7. Relax your feet with gentle massage, massage your feet with cream, to relax the tension on the nerves of the foot and accelerate blood circulation. because it's great for the future health of your nails, to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

That's Caring for nails tips I can share for today, may be useful and good luck.
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Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care
Dry skin will usually appear dull and pale skin, it happens because the skin of our face water shortages, causing our skin to become dry and dull,but you don't need to fear, because Beauty tips have some tips to overcome all the problems.
1. Use a moisturizer and a gentle massage on a regular basis to improve blood circulation and activates the sebaceous glands.
2. Finished washing the face or bathing, gently pat dry your face, use a soft cloth.

3. Try a bath with warm water 2 times a week.
4. Eat fruits that contain vitamin C such as citrus and mango. Intake of vitamin E is also important to the intake of vitamin C, in addition to moisturizing, vitamin E serves to refresh and tighten skin. Sources of vitamin E can be obtained from the type of grains and beans.
5. Use a moisturizing cream at night because the creams contain more oil, so it's nice to keep the moisture of your skin to keep it fresh.

So be careful in taking care of your skin, take care from now before it's too late later on, because better to prevent than to cure. It's all I can share for today, and hopefully useful.
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