Reduce Wrinkles in the Eye

Reduce Wrinkles in the Eye
Eyes are the most vulnerable area to show symptoms of aging. This happens because the skin in the eye area is very thin and delicate. Exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, and stress can make your skin quickly loosened, consequently you look older, The process of aging around the eye occurs in two parts, the eyelid and under eye area. In the area of ​​the eyelids, causing sagging skin and visible skin fold thickness at the bottom corner of the eyelid area. While in the area under the eyes, eye bags to look bigger, darker colors, and embossing fine lines.
This all happens because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin because the content of elastin and collagen that contribute less lather than facial skin. As a result, the lines appear or wrinkles around the eyes is also referred to as a sign of premature aging. 

Way to treat eye wrinkles are : 

1. Always use eye make up remover to remove impurities from the rest of the make-up around the eyes. 

2. Never forget to always use an eye cream before wearing makeup in the morning and at night before bed. Do a gentle massage around the eyes. Eye cream containing vitamin A, vitamin E, and a very good glukolat acid to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, but also able to cool and soften the skin around the eyes. 

3. Use an eye mask to moisturize the skin around the eyes. In addition, the mask also protects the eyes from the sun and reduce swelling. In the eyes of the mask there is an active substance that is able to renew damaged cells around the eyes so that the shrinking process can be slowed. 

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