Beauty Without Make-up

Beauty Without Make-up
Beauty is every woman's dream, but sometimes many women who have never been grateful for the blessings given by God, Many women who try a wide range of cosmetics to add to her beauty, but you do not have to pay dearly to change yourself to be beautiful.

Here I will share tips so that you can look pretty and charming without the Make-up.

1. First and most important step to keep it beautiful without make-up is quality sleep. Therefore, sleep eight hours a day can reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.
2. Drink Water on a regular basis, this one may sound trivial and often overlooked, And if you are not drinking, or consuming alcohol and caffeine mostly, the skin will get dehydrated, therefore to keep the skin in order to awake the freshness, drink enough water, about 8 glasses per day.

3. Besides getting enough sleep and drink water, cold compresses to the eye with water is also effective to reduce dark circles and puffiness. In order to look fresh all day, try spraying cold water on the face in the morning or whenever you want.

4. You do not need to form / shave your eyebrows like a celebrity because eyebrows are left to grow naturally will showcase the natural beauty, trim it with an eyebrow comb to avoid clutter. For eyelashes, you can use an eyelash curler eyelashes look safe for the eyes look more slender and firm, Allow your eyebrows natural permanent.

5. Rub sunscreen, even though you will not be painted face makeup. The sun is very dangerous because it can make the skin wrinkles and look older. You can also wear sunglasses when you're outside the room to prevent the 'evil' of sunlight on the skin.

6. Without lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss, you can have beautiful lips as long as you are keeping it soft and moist. Lips are soft, and moist, you can have a regular smear honey. In addition you can also apply honey extra-virgin olive oil on the lips (olive oil is rich in vitamin E).

7. Diligent care for the skin by peeling once a week, and always wear facial cleanser before applying moisturizer. Also, do not be lazy to clean your face before bed and remove blackheads and large pores on face.

Most people say: Beauty is always identical to the make up is expensive, and lavish lifestyle. Yet her true beauty is not so,Which is actually pretty originated from a pure heart, if your heart is clean then your mind will be clear, a clear mind will also bring positive impact to your life. Believe me, bad as any man, if he would smile more inner beauty will shine from within.

I think it's so that I can share tips for today, may be useful and good luck. 
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