Tips Green Tea

Tips Green Tea
Green tea is a type of tea that many benefits compared to other tea leaves. There are various types of tea in the world, and one of them is green tea that has a lot of benefits. called green tea is not as green, but because the content kholoropihil present in this type of tea leaves more than other kinds of tea leaves. Tea has great benefits for the body and the health of our skin. According to the experts to investigate the benefits of tea, natural caffeine content in tea can protect the skin damaged by the sun and prevent cancer.
Below are some of the benefits of tea for the body and skin health:

1. Tea can also be used to treat acne, because it acts as an astringent. The trick is to simply wash your face with water tea without rinsed again with water.

2. Tea can also be used to smooth the skin, the way is to use herbal tea, because tea in the content contained antioxidant function remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation so that the skin is not dull.

3. Tea can also protect teeth from plaque and helps prevent the growth of dental caries and tooth strengthening.

4. Tea can also prevent bad breath, because tea has a natural antibacterial that can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

5. Green tea can also be used to treat skin and hair beauty, vitamin E and C in green tea can provide its own benefits for hair and skin. For the hair can be used to cope with dandruff, dry hair, loss and fractures. while for the skin, green tea is beneficial to keep it moist and fresh.

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