Prevent dry lips and chapped

Prevent dry lips and chapped
Lips is one part of the face. Healthy lips attractive and will support the beauty of the face. Lip health should always be maintained. Problems that commonly occur in dry mouth and lips are chapped. This certainly can damage the beauty of the face. The lips are cracked easily hurt and pain raises. If this condition is not treated, can cause infections of the lips, For women, chapped lips to make lipstick that does not stick well worn so that it can interfere with performance. Therefore, what are the causes of dry lips and chapped? So how to prevent dry lips and chapped?. 

To be able to overcome the problem of dry lips and chapped, we need to know what are the causes of dry lips and chapped. The causes include the following:

1. Air pollution and dust 
2. Temperature changes that can make your lips can not adapt, causing a split lip 
3. Foods that are too acidic or salty 
4. Smoking, drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages 
5. Lack of fruit or vegetable consumption 
6. Lack of drinking water 
7. Using the chemical cosmetics because it is too hard or are allergic to certain cosmetics 
8. Toothpaste that contains a lot of detergent 
9. Habit of licking her lips with saliva

After knowing the cause of dry lips and broken, we should take precautions so that we do not feel a split lip that can make us less confident. Some ways to prevent dry and cracked lips are as follows:

1. Use a lip balm with sunscreen and moisturizer 
2. Choose the appropriate lipstick and moisturizer 
3. Wet your lips feel dry when the water 
4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day 
5. Clean the rest of lipstick before going to bed 
6. Consumption of vegetables and fruits 
7. Stay away from the lifestyle of smoking or drinking alcohol 
8. Massage lips with olive oil

By knowing the cause of the problem of dry lips and chapped, and how to prevent it, you'll certainly pay more attention to a tiny organ in your face this. Fascinating and beautiful face will be yours.

So from now on make it a habit to learn to live healthy so you avoid any problems regarding health, because better to prevent than to cure. 
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