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Beauty tips Care for Curly Hair
Knowing how to care for curly hair is very important to look more beautiful,because the less care curly hair can become tangled and limp.If you have curly hair, proper maintenance tools also need to have to achieve perfect results.Because straight hair is not as easy as taking care to keep the beauty of curly hair and all it needs proper care.

So for you who have curly hair, here's how easy caring for your beautiful hair, in order to remain attractive to the eye.

1.Use Conditioner.
For curly hair, especially the subtle kind of curly, brittle usually causes are related to one another when combed. Therefore, use a moisturizing conditioner or hair in sufficient quantities, so that more limp hair shaft. 

2.Use a hair mask.
To maintain healthy hair curly hair mask a day a week. The formula will protect the hair and strengthens hair from damage.

3.Do not use a hair dryer.
Using a hair dryer or hair dryer will make the hair lose moisture and dry. In fact, the condition curly hair will be stiff and brittle when dry.

If you have curly hair,comb and hairbrush avoid the teeth tightly. Meeting toothed comb to make hair getting tangled so unattractive,while a wide-toothed comb is the best option to prevent tangles or damage hair.

5.Keep your hair moisture.
For owners of curly hair is highly recommended to keep the hair moist. In order for curly hair soft and pliable use a deep conditioning treatment twice a month. If your hair is dry, do not wash too often - try to only twice a week
6.Do not touch the hair.
When using curl enhancer products like cream, gel or mousse, follow the pattern of your hair curly, rotate from the center to the ends of your hair, try to do when your hair is dry while still wet, then you should apply new silicone serum on the ends of your hair to soften the pattern and make it more shiny curls. Having laid out do not touch your hair again because the more you play it your hair will actually grow tangled. 

Do not forget to try and practice this tips at your home,I am sure your appearance will change after you try it. It's all I can share with you today and hopefully useful.
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