Make White Shining All The Day

Make White Shining All The Day

Have white skin must be a dream for all people, especially women,because by having a white skin they can feel confident and comfortable when out in public area,it is normal,because it's human nature to be better than others. 

How to be a white skin is naturally : 
1. For all of you who like to smoke and drink alcohol get yourself to stop, if you want to make your skin become white. 
2. Aim to consume fruit every day because vitamin from fruits are very good for the skin. 

3. Drink enough water to keep skin healthy and fresh look.
4. Use the juice bengkoang to smooth the skin whitening your skin, the way is: Boil cassava in water and then filtered and the water used to wash your face. 
5. Seek to use soap and facial cleanser that suits your skin, do not often replace soap and facial cleansers. 
6. Seek the consumption of vegetables that contain lots of beta-carotene, which serves as an antioxidant for the skin,In addition to preventing damage to cells, beta-carotene is also useful to eliminate acne. 
7. Use a cream that can protect the skin from the sun. 
8. Use a facial mask with natural materials, such as masks of fruit. 
9. Do a face massage at least once a week, so the face could be more fresh look. 

I think that's it healthy tips from me, may be useful and always keep your skin health,because white skin that does not mean the best but who have skin healthy, clean and fresh will seem more attractive.
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