Tips Make Skin Smooth

Tips Make Skin Smooth
Make The Skin Smooth, Who is the woman who does not want to have smooth and beautiful skin? Smooth and beautiful skin is the main capital for the appearance of a woman, Well dressed indeed is the desire of many people or perhaps because of the demands of work that requires good looking, Here I will give you some tips that you can possibly use in skin care, whether it's facial skin, leather legs, leather arms, or other parts of the body skin,Usually people do not want to be bothered in treating skin that give skin care at beauty salons and the cost is not a few others, Though skin care that is often offered by the Center for Beauty Treatments you can basically do yourself at home using natural ingredients that are often encountered in your everyday life.

1. Honey 
Honey is the star in the health and beauty problems. Many people and researchers who say that taking honey regularly will make your skin youthful. This is evident in the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth, who live a long and youthful. Now for how you can eat them every day or with scrubs using honey as a familiar tradition in Chinese women skin smeared with honey and orange seeds are finely ground.

2. Bengkoang 
The white color of meat bengkoang was widely used in cosmetic products. In addition, many people believe that by eating this fruit can also make the skin youthful. For how to use you can eat them every day or you can use it to mask the fruit mash bengkoang way, a way in blender and use the results for the mask.

3. Lemon 
You must be familiar with the way this one. Well it is by using a rake of fruit juice can show results. And many cosmetic products that combine these basic ingredients of the fruit. How to use it was fairly easy to cut the oranges into sections and then use these pieces to rub on the skin.

4. Olive oil 
Famous for its olive benefits that can be used as a medicine and for beauty. Quite easy, rub olive oil on your skin before bed and use it regularly.

5. Aloe vera 
The content of the aloe vera can be used to smooth the skin. The trick with the gel found in aloe vera as a night cream. Use at bedtime to rub it on your face and let stand until morning and then rinse using clean water.

I think that's it Beauty tips I can share to you for today, may be useful and good luck.
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