How to Wear Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the keys to make your eyes beautiful. Learn the secrets of how to wear a good eyeliner to apply so you can always be the center of attentions, As we know, the market is filled with various brands of eyeliner that offers a variety of choices in color, texture, and type. Most companies offer eyeliner pencil, liquid, resulting flannel and solid powder form.

Choose the type of eyeliner that you will use in accordance with the results you want to get. Wearing eyeliner does take practice and initially very difficult, but it can provide a highly optimized results in wear makeup. How do use the eyeliner?

Networking is very delicate eye area, so that, when choosing eyeliner pencil, make sure to choose a soft enough to slide easily. This is one aspect of makeup application that not just takes practice but a very steady hand. Eyeliner pencils tend to be very popular because they are easier to control and can also give the appearance you want to achieve. Use eyeliner pencil of the tip by pulling the lower eyelid.

If your eyes are large, fairly apply eyeliner starting from the middle of the eyelid and, if your eyes are small, apply eyeliner from the tip of the eye. When using eyeliner pencils, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. This will make the scratch much easier without having to draw the edge of your eye.

Liquid eyeliner, on the other hand, require more training. But it can make a very precise line when applied with enough control. Make sure you sit relaxed with your elbows on the table when the prop will be wearing eyeliner. This is so that you can better balance. Draw a line on the eyelid line from the inside of the eye to the outer corner of her eye. While pull the tip of your eyelid to the skin in the area to be given a line of eyeliner tense, making it easier to put on liquid eyeliner. To the top of the eye, you should use a waterproof liquid eyeliner for easy dry and not quickly fade. Use once again from the middle of the eye and at the end of the line for sticking to impress your eyes sharp.

Type a new eyeliner by tip flannel is very similar to liquid eyeliner in consistency and offers users a bit more control.

Eyeliner cake, which is traditionally used by professionals, is becoming very popular among ordinary. New trend now is to use eye shadow as eyeliner. The advantage is you can use more colors.

Tip :
1. For the eye is wide, give attention to the inner corner of the eye. For the eye is narrow, pay attention to the outer corner. For the eyes glaze, make eyeliner on the outer end of the eye that leads to the top.

2. Apply eyeliner as close as possible and even into the lashes to avoid the white lines that are sometimes obtained when liner and lashes are not connected.
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