Tips Wear a Bra

Tips Wear a Bra
Tips Wear a Bra, Is the use of a bra during sleep can lead to the emergence of breast cancer?, The opinion is not true, there is no relationship between wearing a bra while sleeping with the emergence of breast cancer, women should be wearing a bra while sleeping. but use or choose a bra that is no wire in it, because the bra models like this makes breast depressed, As a result, blood flow is not smooth and this will affect the health of the wearer.

Ideally, if you want to go to sleep, it should not wear underwear so that blood can flow more smoothly, so that the body becomes more relaxed, and after waking up the body feel more fit, If breast depressed, bra will impede blood flow causing some problems, such as feeling stiff and sore, As with men, some say if a man
wearing underwear while sleeping can cause infertility that is not true, however, it is good men do not wear tight underwear while sleeping, a common purpose so that there is no pressure on the genitals and to the blood flow to be smooth, The man may have been wearing panties while sleeping, but choose models such as baggy pants boxer shorts. Both men and women should be if you want to go to sleep, it is advisable to wear loose or too tight.

Women who wear pants are too tight, the circulation of air in the vagina can be disrupted. This can cause problems whitish, In addition to be loose, men and women should wear clothing that can absorb sweat. Because, at the time of sleep, our bodies sweat, Do not wear clothes made ​​of polyester because these materials do not absorb sweat.

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