Caring For Colored Hair And Rebonding

Colored Hair And Rebonding
Before we discuss how to maintain a hair color, it's good you have tips in choosing the hair to match the color of your skin. Here are tips on choosing a hair color that suits you:

1. Light Warm Skin Tones.
If your skin is light brown color, eye color brown, green or hazel, The most suitable hair color is warm colors like strawberry blonde, light brown with golden or reddish highlights

2. Medium To Deep Warm Skin Tones.
Your skin a reddish brown, dark colors tend to be dark brown eyes, dark hair color can be the perfect choice, for example, the color golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, copper, or mahogany.

3. Cool Light Skin Tones.
Your skin is bright red and pale, with a bright blue eye color, gray, turquoise. Ashy hair color will make you more attractive complexion. For example, the color silvery blonde, light brown, platinum blonde color with lighter highlights.

4. Medium To Deep Cool Skin Tones.
Your skin color Light Olive, Dark Olive, Dark Brown, or Ebony with brown eyes, black, turquoise, blue or green. Matching hair color is brown, plum or black with plum or burgundy highlights.

Once you've found a hair color that suits your skin, here are tips to maintain colored hair:

1. Wash with cold water after 24 hours after coloring do not use hot water to wash your hair as this will further open the hair cuticle and reduce the humidity.

2. Keep the humidity because the hair that has been colored tends to be dry. So, never forget to give a conditioner after every hair wash to keep the strands of hair that did not dry and cracked.

3. In order for lasting hair color, so keep the color with a color enhancer that contains conditioner. This product contains a dye, so make sure you choose the appropriate hair color. After washing hair with shampoo, apply a color enhancer to taste. Let stand for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.

4. In order for natural shiny hair using a special lotion to maintain the luster of the hair after shampooing. This fluid is almost the same as conditioner, but the function is not particularly moisturizing, but coat the hair so the color remain vibrant and beautiful glow, After washing hair is dried naturally better do not use a dryer.

Taking care of hair is in Rebonding

1.Each shampoo do not forget to use conditioner.
2. After shampooing use hair tonic.
3. Use a hair mask twice a week.
4. Avoid the use of a hair dryer.
5. After rebonding hair should not be colored because it will make hair dry and brittle.
6. Do not forget to give vitamins to keep hair healthy hair.

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