The Right Way Use Nail Polish

Use Nail Polish
Using nail polish can increase women's confidence, but sometimes women are often very difficult to determine the best color in accordance with the conditions, not infrequently also women choose the wrong color nail trimmer.

The correct way to use nail polish is:

1. Choose according to the color of skin. White leather is very nice to use pink, red or blue. Try using bright pink or purplish red to produce a beautiful color on your white skin. For yellowish skin, try burgandi color, wine color, fluorescent pink, orange or metallic, While dark skin match using the color brown, dark green or dark red.

2. Adjust the color of nail polish to the needs, if you are going meetings or other important events, and should avoid nail polish colors are bright. Safe use light brown color, which suits all skin types, You also can customize it with the seasons, This summer you will look more exciting by using nail polish neon colors such as pink, blue or orange, As for the winter or the rain, choose warm colors like brown, blue or lavender.

3. Get used to try nail colors before buying, so that you get a color that suits you.

Good luck and hopefully useful.
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