Noni Fruit

Noni Fruit
Noni fruit comes from Southeast Asia, and the fruit has a unique shape, when young is green, and if it is old yellowish white color, when ripe noni is white, transparent, Common form could look like eggs rather large and has black spots as its hallmark.

Noni is a fruit contains complete nutrients the body needs, including protein, vitamins, minerals, etc., In addition, this fruit has antioxidants that are great for keeping the immune system. Noni fruit contains a variety of compounds that are good for the body, some of the substances contained in noni are: askarbonat acid (source of vitamin C), substance scopoletin (prevents vessel constriction nerve), and also substances damnachantal (anticancer agent).
 Dry and scaly skin usually occur frequently due to many factors, one of which is climate change, To cope with dry and flaky skin you can use the noni fruit, The trick is to rub the noni fruit is ripe on the skin dry and then let stand about 15 minutes, and wipe using a cloth dampened with warm water.

If you have hair loss, you can use the noni fruit to cope, the way is blender noni fruit is ripe, then mix with duck egg yolk and mix evenly until it resembles a mask. After that smear on your hair that has been shampooed and let stand for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly,In addition, you can also use noni to eliminate dandruff. The way is blender noni fruit is ripe and then take the water and use to wash, when shampooing let stand for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If there is still a smell of noni on you can use shampoo to clean it.

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