Short Hairstyles For Weddings

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Your short hair? To be married? But you do not have time or do not like long hair long hair. It is obviously very confusing. Most women want to look beautiful at her wedding, and she will be beautiful when long hair. Who said it? If we had short hair ever we will be able to look beautiful for our wedding.

it can not be denied that long hair tends to be easier to style. But that does not mean you can not look beautiful with short hair on the wedding day, And for those of you who happen to have short hair and confused by the style on your wedding day, maybe some of these ideas can inspire you.

1. Crown
The Crown or Tiara as a wedding day hair piece suitable subject for you who want to look like a queen. Combine tiara with earrings that can show the beauty of your neck.

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2. Veil
Choose veil shaped nest, or a veil that only covers the face. You can add to the decoration feathers or flowers. In addition to accentuate the impression of elegance vintage also gives the impression of being a fashion trend lately.

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If you want a simple look on your wedding day, you can choose floral accessories. Could life atuapun fake flowers. Jepitlah on the side of the ear, and you'll be a beautiful bride.

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4. Headbands
Headbands for the wedding? You can choose headbands adorned with flowers or feathers to get an impression of the vintage.

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